Who We Are


Staff Photo

Mark is keen to stress that it’s very much a team effort here at Centaur Foods

The company’s two directors, Adrian Walton and Mark Catterall, first met as fellow orphans and residents of St Impaction’s Home for Aesthetically Challenged Children, one of many such homes run by The Sisters of the Immaculate Deception.

The idea to create a first class food ingredients business was seen by both as being preferable to the alternative, a life of poverty as chronically under-employed male escorts and part-time drag queens. Even so, Centaur Foods may not have come into being had the orphanage’s Mother Superior, Sister Inauspicious, not insisted the guys return her party frocks before leaving the home for the last time.

Over the years Adrian and Mark have acquired a great deal of knowledge about food and very little about anything else (unless you count Mark’s frankly tedious obsession with ‘80’s electro pop) They and their small team of enthusiastic waifs, strays and misfits strive A) to provide an exceptional service to a multitude of companies involved in food distribution and manufacture, and B) to avoid contravening a number of ASBOs and restraining orders.