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Product List

Kalamata Olives, large 2 Kg

6 x 2kg

Atlas Queen Olives 2 Kg

6 x 2kg

Auberge Mix Olives 2.5 Kg


Kalamata Olives, pitted 1.8Kg

6 x 1.8kg

Atlas Queen Olives, pitted 1.8 Kg

6 x 1.8kg

Lilliput Capers Centaur 400g

12 x 400g

Lilliput Capers Centaur 1.5 Kg tub


Caperberries 400g

6 x 400g

Caperberries 1 Kg


Surfine Capers 1.5Kg


Whole Prosciutto Bosco 4-5 Kg ave.

2 no.

Serrano Ham, sliced, 500g

10 x 500g

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